Protect-MyLinks is the best free alternative to protect your URL
Why Protect-MyLinks?

The process of redirection behind URL shortening can be complicated. Use a trusted source like Protect MyLinks to avoid complications. Some URL shorteners provide very limited custom domains, and others will not work with your domain. The free service at Protect MyLinks delivers a quick, easy and free way to generate a shorter URL for your site. The process for URL shortening is reliable and secure, so you can safely generate a better URL.
Protect MyLinks URL has a huge number of features including those listed here

Feature List
  • Our service have HTTPS protocol and data encryption.
  • Protect-MyLinks is easy way to hide and protect your links.
  • Generated links by Protect-MyLinks have the highest level of encryption and HTTPS protocol and will never expire.
  • The real link is hidden by a random long link that is unique.
  • Links generated by Protect-MyLinks can use the URL shortening service. This is useful when you need to send emails in the text format as it keeps the link short and can be used for analytics.
  • Our service is completely for free and there is no registration or login required.